Zodiac Perfume
Zodiac Perfume
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Zodiac Perfume

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Zodica Perfumery is celestial-inspired fine fragrances. Each perfume reflects the emotion and season of its sign.

The collection is designed to be worn in three ways: by sign, by season, or by attraction. You may embrace your sign, reflect the current season, or attract the sign's intention into your day through scent and spoken word. Each perfume is paired with a poem that is meant to be spoken before wearing to unleash the inspired intention into the universe.

Handcrafted in the USA with organic ingredients. Cruelty-Free. Vegan. Gluten-Free.

Aries: 3/21 to 4/19
Aries energetically awakens with fiery cinnamon.
This fire sign evokes life-force energy with a burst of warmth and strong woods.
Taurus: 4/20 to 5/20
Taurus zodiac perfume beautifies as it reflects its Spring season with a lavish floral bouquet.
A velvety undertone makes a sensual home for this earth sign.
Gemini: 5/21 to 6/20
Gemini zodiac perfume twinkles with fresh-picked Springtime citrus.
This air sign's easygoing nature drifts into a powdery mimosa flower.
Cancer: 6/21 to 7/22
Cancer zodiac perfume lovingly envelopes with its summery, romantic notes.
This water sign snuggles into an aquatic freshness for a modern rose interpretation.
Leo: 7/23 to 8/22
Leo zodiac perfume dramatically entertains with a sunny citrus opening into summer flowers and fiery base.
Virgo:  8/23 to 9/22
Virgo zodiac perfume is perfectly versatile, floating from summer florals to autumn fruits.
Libra:  9/23 to 10/22
Libra zodiac perfume deliciously refreshes with a sweet flirtatiousness as yummy as a peach bellini.
This air sign perfume inspires lightness with a whisper of florals.
Scorpio:  10/23 to 11/22
Scorpio zodiac perfume captivates dark Autumn with a fierce oriental theme.
Sagittarius: 11/23 to 12/21
Sagittarius zodiac perfume inspires adventure with an exotically sweet and spicy mix.
Capricorn: 12/22 to 1/19
Capricorn zodiac perfume empowers with a grounding herbal bouquet.
Aquarius: 1/20 to 2/18
Aquarius zodiac perfume elevates with a sophisticated lightness.
Sparkling citrus and florals contrasts with a spicy cardamom to reflect the maverick nature of this winter sign.
Pisces: 2/19-3/20
Pisces zodiac perfume is fresh and clean like the ocean home of this water sign, its icy coolness reflects its winter season.

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